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Buy local and seasonal food

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Locally produced food grown in sync with the seasons is fresher and requires less energy to produce and transport to you.

Eating local and seasonal food supports local producers and the production of crops that are appropriate to our environment. It alleviates the reliance on long-distance transport and refrigeration of foods that are grown thousands of kilometres away. Foods grown in sync with the seasons are more in tune with our intuitive nutritional needs; after all, who wants a cucumber sandwich in the middle of winter?

Hawkesbury Harvest is a ‘grass roots’ community organisation that is setting Sydney apart from other cities of Australia and the world. It is demonstrating to the world the benefits local agriculture contributes to the quality of all life within the environs associated with metropolitan areas.

Hawkesbury Harvest is an organisation that facilitates the economic and social wellbeing of its members in an environmentally responsible manner. It does not aim to maximize profit for the organisation itself. Rather it aims to implement mechanisms that will generate funds and income to at least meet the operational and development costs required to maximise the public good and private good outcomes of its activities for the benefit of as many people as possible.

How to do it now!

Buy & eat local and seasonal food!

Farmers markets are a great place to buy locally produced food and a directory is available from Hawkesbury Harvest. This site has the dates for the Farmers and Fine Food Markets, Coming Events and the Farm Gate Trail with a interactive downloadable map and seasonal guide. So what are you waiting for grab a car, friends and picnic basket and away you go into the sustainable food bowl.

Foods in season throughout the year.

Apricots Avocado (Fuerte) Beetroots Asparagus
Beans Cabbage (& Brussels Sprouts) Broccoli Avocado (Hass)
Berries & Currants Cauliflower Cabbage (& Brussels Sprouts) Beetroots
Celery Celery Cauliflowers Berries & Currants
Cherries Chestnuts Celery Broccoli
Corn Cumquats Cumquats Cabbage (& Brussels Sprouts)
Cucumber Figs Fennel Corn
Eggplants Ginger Ginger Cucumbers
Figs Leeks Jerusalem Artichokes Fennel
Green pea Melons Lemons & Limes Green, Snap & Snow Peas
Leeks Olives Olives Leeks
Melon Parsnips Parsnips Lemon & Lime
Pears Pears Rhubarb Peppers & Chillies
Peppers (& Chillies) Quinces Sweet Potatoes Rhubarb 
Tomatoes Sweet Potatoes Turnips & Swedes Zucchini & Squash
Zucchini & Squash Tomatoes    

(Southern Australian emphasis)

Grow your own food. The best way to eat local and seasonal food is to use your own backyard! You can have a veggie garden all year round with seasonal vegetables. (See our Grow your own food action).

Why is this action important?

Changing our eating habits is a simple way to reduce our impact on the environment, address climate change (via reduced transport and industrial energy) and support local communities and farmers. You'll benefit from an interesting and diverse diet year round and support organisations like the Australian Farmers' Markets Association, which advocate low-impact farming and produce diversity.